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Services: Resources

Services are available to parents, grandparents, or other significant people in the child's life.

Services are available both viritually and in person.

ABA Clinic services can be requested to help support regions with less access to professional BCBA services. (NOTE: All services may not be available in remote areas.)

Behavioural Consultation

Meet virtually or in person with a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA) to discuss your area of concern.

Consultation services include a minimum of 3 sessions with the BCBA - an Initial Assessment, a review of your individualized plan, and a follow-up session.

Caregiver Coaching

During Coaching Sessions we will provide more in depth training on the individualized plan developed in your Consultation Sessions.

We will demonstrate (model either in person or virtually) how to implement your individualized plan, and to collect necessary data. We will provide you with the opportunity to practice and provide feedback to help ensure your success.

Professional Development

We provide education and training in the concepts and incorporation of applied behaviour analysis (ABA) to other service areas outside the field of applied behaviour analysis.  

We can provide education and training for professionals such as: speech and language pathologists, physicians or nurses, occupational therapists, physical therapists, psychology professionals, daycare, and schools looking to know more about ABA.

Services: Services


Assessments can help you better understand your child's strengths and needs.

  • Standardized Curriculum Assessment ( assesses early learning skills to more complex problem solving or critical thinking skills, as well as social skills)

  • Life Skills Assessment (assesses the ability to complete age appropriate daily living skills independently)

  • Comprehensive Assessment (includes both a Curriculum Assessment and a Life Skills Assessment)

Tutoring/Skill Building

Following an assessment of your child's strengths and needs (see above), programming can be developed to target the identified needs.

Skill building programming can be delivered by parents/caregivers (see Caregiver Coaching), or an ABA professional. (*not available in all areas)

Professional Collaboration

We provide supports to other ABA services to help support client needs, and the needs of your ABA service agency.

We can support with

  • professional development needs of staff

  • support for clients on your waitlist

  • development of service contracts, consent forms, or other required documentation

Services: Services
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