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Price List

Behavioural Consultation

$125/ 50 minute session

Minimum of 3 sessions required

  • Intake Assessment

  • Individualized Plan Review

  • Follow Up

Caregiver Coaching

$125/ 50 minute session

After the Intake Assessment, personalized Coaching sessions can be added to your Consultation sessions to help ensure you are comfortable implementing your Individualized Plan

Professional Education/Training

Contact for quote

Education and Training is customized to your professional needs.

Cost varies dependent upon number of participants and location.

Price List: Price List


$125 per hour (administration, and scoring)

The following assessments are available 

  • Standardized Curriculum Assessment

  • Life Skills Assessment

  • Comprehensive Assessment (both of above)

Tutoring/Skill Building

$125 per hour

Following the completion of one of our assessments programming can be developed to target your child's area(s) of need.

Skill building programs can be delivered by parents/caregivers (see Parent Coaching service model), or by an ABA professional  

Professional Collabortaion

Contact for quote

Development of supportive relationships with other providers of ABA service is important to us.  We want to make sure families get the right services for them even if its another company.

We can support your agency with

  • service documentation

  • service contracts

  • waitlist services for clients

  • professional development/education for staff

Price List: Price List
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